Spending a ton of time on real estate blogs and Zillow, Trulia and Redfin?? Friends and family have purchased homes and filled you in on the process? Pretty sure you know how the buying and selling process works? Take this fun little quiz to see if you may be missing some important and valuable information about real estate in the state of California! The answers may surprise you!


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Buying or selling a home can sometimes include new language. The guides and booklets below can help cure some confusion and help educate you when buying or selling a home!

*** This Guide Covers Mold, Lead, Energy and Earthquakes (If you are only going to read one, read this one!):

Combined Hazards Guide

*** This Guide Covers Earthquakes:

Earthquake Homeowners Guide to Earthquake Safety

*** This Booklet Covers Lead Based Paint:

Lead Paint Booklet

*** This Booklet Covers Environmental Hazards:

Environmental Hazards Booklet

*** Home Warranty Information.

Which plan should I Choose?:

Standard and Upgraded Policy Information

Are you a little nervous about the school choices in the 90042, 90041 and 90065 zip codes? Please click on the link below to view some great 8, 9, and 10 out of 10 rated schools in the above mentioned zip codes!

Great Schools